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We love Pups at Tucks

Tucks is dog friendly so bring your furry pals next time you pop in for a wine or two!

And don't forget to tag your photos #pupsattucks - check out some of the other doggos that love visiting by searching that hashtag on Insta.

Pictured: Crunch The Frenchie


  • All dogs must be on a leash at all times – no solo exploring allowed.
  • Dogs must stay with their owners/parents on the lawn and terrace areas – no dogs inside.
  • Keep all snoots and paws to yourselves – keep in mind that not every human or other dog loves company. Be mindful of everyone’s right to quiet enjoyment of their time at Tucks.
  • No barking, borking, berking. Chill out, dawgs.
  • No Frisbees or balls – playtime is for the park. Tucks time is quiet time.
  • Absolutely no digging. We need everything to stay in the ground.
  • Sometimes, $hit happens. When it does, do not ignore it, hide it, fling it into the garden beds or down the vines. Pick it up in a plastic bag and dispose of it immediately and responsibly.

Tucks reserves the right to very politely ask regular rule-breakers to put their tail between their legs and head home.


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